Hardware Controllers- edddison tracking system


To control your 3D software with tangible objects, you can use the edddison projection table or edddison tabletop in combination with tangible objects.

An edddison marker is a printed label (like a barcode) that is attached on a control object. The markers are read by a camera. Adding markers to any tangible object generates a control object that can be used in edddison. These real figures can be produced with a 3D printer, a laser cutter or by adding markers to existing figures (e.g. toys).

edddison projection table

By moving these tangible objects on your floor plan, you can control objects within the 3D scene.

edddison tabletop

That' s how easy it is to control your 3D scene with edddison.

You can buy hardware controllers like the edddison tabletop kit or you can build your own hardware controller.


There are 3 different hardware controller solutions

edddison for tabletop#

edddison for projection tables#

edddison projection table

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