edddison plugin for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Getting Started#

What you need

Video Tutorial: On our Youtube Channel you can find a Video on how to getting started with edddison for Tecnomatix Plant Simulation**

Open your PlantSim project#

Open a new or existing PlantSim project, in which you would like to use edddison.

In this Tutorial we are going to use the edddison for PlantSim Demo Project

Load Scene and Start edddison#

  • Load the example scene „Plant-Sim-edddison.spp"

  • Click on the Ribbon Edit in the top Ribbon Menu. To the right you will find the edddison-plugin.


  • Select Start/Stop edddison in the edddison dropdown.


Note: If you start edddison for the first time it will ask you for your license file. Please load it with "Load License File". For more information on how to get a license please see our Dashboard Tutorial

Create new edddison configuration#

For this Tutorial we recommend to create a new configuration file.


Open existing edddison configuration#

Note: In the Demo-project-folder you can find a ready-to-import configuration file. (End-user-presentation demo)

  • Import the example configuration in edddison editor. Click on the Import button in the project manager and select the Siemens -- Tecnomatix Plant Simulation project.edddison file.
  • Follow the Tutorial Software-Controllers to see how to interact with your PlantSim project.

Configuring your scene#

PlantSim is now connected with the edddison editor. You can minimize the editor-window and follow the tutorial!

For edddison to work you need the following:

  • Define the walk-able areas in your project with bounding boxes and floor plan images.
  • Optional: Define 3D objects

Manage floor plans - (walk-able areas)#

To define the walk-able areas in your project, we will create bounding boxes and floor plans.

Set up the bounding box#

Define the navigation area with a bounding box.

  • Add a Cuboid into the scene
  • Set it's properties like in the image (Width=35m, Depth=30m, Height=0m)


  • Position the Plane (Cuboid with a Height of 0) in your model.
  • You will see this yellow area (or another color) in the example scene.


Note: Alternatively you can also use a "Textured Plate" instead of a Cuboid.

  • For the next step be sure to have (only) selected the "Plane/Cuboid".
  • Select Define Bounding Box in the edddison dropdown to publish it to the edddison editor.

w30p * Name the bounding box * Set the height parameter equal to the height of the worker-plate

Create a floor plan manually (optional)#

A floor plan (2D top view) is needed for easy and precise orientation in the 3D view.

In PlantSim this very easy and can be done automatically in a later step when setting up your project in edddison editor.

If you want to do your own floor plan do the following:

  • Create an image (.jpg, .jpeg or .jpg) and use it as a floor plan. You can do this with a screen-capture software like the in-built Snipping Tool of Windows. To learn more about the Snipping tool click here.

Note: The image has to have exactly the same size as the corresponding bounding box.

Manage 3D objects#

A 3D object linked with edddison can:

  • be moved around in edddison
  • switched on or off
  • be a target for the POV-Camera

All edddison objects can be used as movable or stationary objects. Which object is which can be decided later in the editor.

First we have to link all the objects to the edddison editor.

Note: This is done automatically on startup, if there are already objects defined with "User-defined Attributes->EdddisonObject->True".

To add new objects we have two possibilites.

Add via Mouse Selection#
  • Select all objects you wish to interact with edddison.


  • Click on Add Selected Objects in the edddison dropdown to publish them to the edddison editor.


Add via Attribute#
  • Select an object you wish to interact with edddison.
  • Right click on the object and select "Edit User-defined Attributes..."


  • Set the value of the EdddisonObject to true.


  • Do this with all objects you want to control with edddison.
  • When you are done click on Add Marked Objects in the edddison dropdown to publish the objects to the edddison editor.


Run project#

To test your project click Start/Stop edddison in the edddison toolbar.

You will see the edddison editor-software starting in a separate window.

Please continue to set up your project in the edddison editor-software. Follow the Tutorial Editor

Note: edddison has to be always started inside Plantsim, there will not be a shortcut on your desktop.